for a clean elections candidate


I am running for office as your candidate, the voter’s candidate. It will be my responsibility to ensure your voices are heard and acted upon. When I cast my vote in the House it will be a vote for all our people in Legislative District 13. It will not be for the lobbyists, special interests, or those in power who intend to usurp our rights as citizens of Arizona. This is why I am running as a Clean Elections candidate.

As a Clean Elections candidate, I am required to attain at least 200 donations of $5 each from voters in Legislative District 13. A contributing voter can be from any political party or an independent from our Legislative District 13.

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I am asking for your $5 contribution so that I can compete in the upcoming election and become your State Representative.

If you do not live in our district, are a legal resident of the United States, and would still like to contribute to the campaign, we are accepting contributions by mail. The maximum per individual is $160. We must have the name, address, occupation, and employer of the contributor. Contributions and mail can be sent to:   

     Tzitzura for Arizona Legislature

     PO Box 1229

     Litchfield Park, AZ 85340